We develop people and businesses for a better tomorrow!

As a partner, we help companies realize their strategic goals, which results in increased customer satisfaction, engaged employees and improved results.

Let us help you harness the power of your business and take your business to the next level.

Higher profitability

Organizations that have more engaged employees have higher productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability! On average a whopping 21% in higher profitability.

Committed employees

Customer-focused companies have 28% more committed employees, which leads to greater responsibility and more innovation.

Dare to stand out from the crowd

In a homogenous market, you can no longer compete with price and product, you must dare to stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

We will help you!


Offer and services!

Our services are based on research from the largest analysis companies in our fields and our deliveries are quality assured and measurable.


Analyzes and Workshops

In all dialogues and assignments with our customers, we always want to strive for maximum effect to be achieved. By starting with Analyzes of operations, organization and Workshops, we can identify, recommend and prioritize soft and hard activities that are crucial to achieving the goals that management, board and owners desire.

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The basic prerequisite for well-functioning management and governance is a clear and common overall picture of goals and assignments - and based on that overall picture, a clear division of responsibilities and a clear decision-making mandate.

With experienced consultants, StigFram can help you go from idea to implementation, support with goal management and execution.


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We can deliver knowledge or behavior change! Education and development of people is what we are passionate about.

Strategy execution is the implementation of a strategic plan in order to achieve the organization's goals. It includes the day-to-day structures, systems and operational goals that set your team up for success.


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We live in a hybrid world where the digital services support and help the people in the organization to develop and ensure the quality of the company's various services. Here we have collected everything from digital personnel handbooks, to coaching via our LMS platform for training and micro-learning.

We also love to measure and can offer several solutions that can suit your needs.


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Follow all parts of the process for the most efficient results, or choose the parts you need!

Our offers and services can be compared to a plate of Sushi. You can either eat everything or pick out the parts that suit your taste and needs best.

Is it inspiration, knowledge or behavioral change that you need to achieve your desired result?

What is relevant and value-creating for you?

Is it the relationship with other people? Then you think exactly like us! We believe in humanity combined with sound business acumen and that we can positively influence each other in several respects.

We know that it is the people within an organization that make the difference. We help companies regardless of industry to realize their strategies where more satisfied customers, more committed employees and better results on the bottom line have been part of the strategy.

Spending large resources on business strategies, processes and marketing is important, but if the culture in the company does not support and strengthen what it wishes to deliver, it can overturn the effect of all other initiatives. Wise employers choose to invest in strengthening their company culture, as this leads to employees being motivated to give their utmost to contribute to the company's profitability, growth and competitiveness?

Our experience shows that the right change leadership is absolutely the most important during a change. All parts of the organization need support and guidance to develop together.