Analyzes & Workshops

In all dialogues and assignments with our customers, we always want to strive for maximum effect to be achieved. By starting with Analyzes of operations, organization and Workshops, we can identify, recommend and prioritize soft and hard activities that are crucial to achieving the goals that management, board and owners desire.

Success analysis

Through this mapping, which is based on a variety of critical success factors, we can identify and clarify the values, behaviors, goals, and key figures that will contribute to achieving success. Based on the results of a success analysis, we then make an action plan.

  • Business skills
  • culture
  • recruitment
  • employer branding
  • leadership
  • sale
  • service
  • goal setting
  • measurement
  • internal communication

Effect workshop

Educational initiatives often have difficulty demonstrating results. According to studies published in DN, only 15 percent of the participants change their behavior after a training.

A well-transferred education can have great effects, both in financial results/effect targets and behavioral targets when it is planned and followed up based on the organization's conditions.

In order for you to get the most out of your investment in time and resources, we do a start-up workshop.

We always strive to ensure that you see results from your investments in development efforts. Therefore, we conduct a workshop to formulate concrete impact goals and behavioral goals. The workshop takes place together with you and gives you an insight into what measures you need to take to ensure the result.

If you wish, we can also conduct a follow-up workshop to help you develop an activity plan linked to your goals.


Results workshop

In order to have an effect from the training effort, it is important to follow up on the impact goals you set before the effort.

A well-transferred education has great effects, both in terms of financial results/effect targets and desired behaviours. When investing in time and resources for an educational effort, we do a workshop so that you get the maximum output for your investment. The day should establish a current situation for future activities and form the basis for the way forward.

We are working with a process to clarify the effect and challenges that remain to reach the desired result.

In the workshop we explore hindering factors and the participants set activities linked to them. We conclude by drawing up an action plan.

It can be new goals or supplemented activities that take the organization towards the goals that were initially set.

Situation analysis

Current situation analysis, situational analysis, should show where you are.

You must understand your context, the gap to where you want to go, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. The current situation analysis is the basis for taking you from current situation to idea.

The difference between a Success Analysis and a current situation analysis is mainly that the current situation analysis also looks at external factors such as competitors' behavior, offer and brand.

Current situation analysis is an analysis of the internal and external factors that affect you right now, and the purpose of the current situation analysis is to be able to effectively move you to your desired state. The result of the analysis provides knowledge that often opens your eyes to what you should do.

A current situation analysis can contain several different parts. Below we list the most common ones that we come across in our work, and how we structure a more comprehensive current situation analysis. Individually, these analyzes can also be valuable, and above all more comprehensive.

  • Competitive analysis
  • Customer analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Environmental analysis
  • Business analysis

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