Management & Governance

The basic prerequisite for well-functioning management and governance is a clear and common overall picture of goals and assignments - and based on that overall picture, a clear division of responsibilities and a clear decision-making mandate. With experienced consultants, Stigfram can help you go from idea to implementation, support with goal management and execution.

Strategy realization

You have set the organization's goals and formulated a strategic plan. But how do you ensure that it is actually implemented?

Strategy execution is the implementation of a strategic plan in order to achieve the organization's goals. It includes the day-to-day structures, systems and operational goals that set your team up for success. StigFram has 25 years of experience in helping companies realize their strategies and achieve measurable impact.

Companies invest and spend a lot of effort and time to develop their strategy and goals.

However, many studies show that the big challenge for management is to actually make it happen. There can be several different business areas with many leaders, and getting everyone, right down to the employee at the end of the line, to act is a challenge. It usually takes too long to engage the entire organization, and in a world where change is the norm, most companies need to be more flexible.

Our focus is not to develop your strategy, but we know how to make it a reality.

Process management

We have extensive experience in working with process management in various contexts. It includes both through training as well as acting as a process manager, either for an individual workshop or through an entire project

As process managers, we lead organizations through long-term change processes.  Our job is to identify problems and present concrete solutions. We use different methods and tools to manage and implement the change effectively.

Our task is to create a common understanding of the context and goal of the joint activities to be carried out, such as workshops, steering group meetings, interviews, and training efforts.

We make sure that the process is held together and works smoothly. However, our main task is to highlight the participants' skills and ensure they reach the set goal jointly.

Project management

A professional project manager can drive change initiatives even in complex organizations

Project management means strategically planning, organizing and leading a project to achieve a predefined goal or result. The projects are crucial to the success of the company, regardless of the industry, because they are the tool that drives the implementation of various initiatives. Being successful as a project manager requires not only good preparation, clear goals and evaluation, but also leadership, communication skills and the ability to build strong teams.

Why do projects fail?

Only a few projects reach the set time and budget targets. The most common reason for failure is that conditions change during the course of the project. Project goals or company priorities may change due to suboptimal planning or unforeseen events affecting the project.


As a project manager, you are responsible for handling everything from creating and leading effective teams to meeting deadlines, focusing on goals and creating order. You not only need to be knowledgeable in project methodology, technology and rapid problem solving, but also have good people skills and be skilled in communication even without formal authority.

We at StigFram can help you create better conditions for your next project, which increases your chances of success. We offer expertise and support to ensure successful projects and help manage changes and challenges along the way.

Interim assignment

It is a quick way to temporarily fill a position during, for example, a longer recruitment process.

Interim is an effective method when someone with experience is needed who can quickly contribute their expertise for a limited time for a specific assignment. Or to achieve special goals or results where StigFram can be helpful with resources on demand

  • You quickly get a person with the right skills in.
  • The cost of the consultant only exists as long as the need exists.
  • The consultant can contribute with new angles, often based on experiences from companies in the same industry or in a similar situation.



Our cooperation partner Huvudverket works passionately with growing pains.

The idea that there would be a main work was already born 20 years ago when the Numerical Agency was formed, then in collaboration with Bohman's Network. The idea was that Bohmans would act as a "Head Office" and the existing independent companies that existed at the time were: Hyrverket, Modeverket, Hotell o Reseverket and Sifferverket could be included as "Wonders" in Bohman's Network.

A lot of water has flown under the bridges since then and it was only fifteen years later that we formed the AB company Huvudverket.

Do you need competent recruitment, "executive search" or consultant hiring? With over 20 years of experience, we have solutions for all your needs and support you all the way.

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