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We live in a hybrid world where digital services support and help the people in the organization to develop and ensure the quality of the company's various services. Here we have collected everything from digital personnel handbooks to coaching through our LMS platform for training and micro-learning. We also love to measure and through our sister company can offer real-time measurements in analog to digital environments in customer and employee satisfaction through HappyOrNot.

Digital Preboarding

The preborading process can include everything from familiarizing yourself with the company's vision, history, organization and values.

Why is it important for companies to have a preboarding process? By carrying out a structured and well-planned pre-boarding phase before the first day of work, the employer's chances of getting a committed and loyal employee who stays for a long time increases. At the same time, it reduces the new employee's learning curve and time to start performing in their mission. Digitizing your preboarding significantly streamlines and facilitates the rest of the onboarding process.

Since employees are 69% more likely to stay with the company for up to three years if they participate in an organized onboarding program*, preboarding should be a priority for employers.

A well-executed preboarding process increases the interest and commitment of the new employee, which creates a sense of loyalty and belonging right from the start. If the employee can quickly familiarize themselves with your company's vision, mission and culture, they will also be productive faster. This is a win-win situation, in other words!

Digital Onboarding

Do you want to give new employees a professional introduction and at the same time take the step towards becoming a more attractive employer?

When you carry out a digital onboarding, it is important to lay a solid foundation for commitment, trust, and security. The key to a successful onboarding process is clearly communicating expectations. Make sure your new employees understand what is expected of them, what their role is, and what tasks they are responsible for. Also give them quick insight into the company's vision, goals, values, ​​and guidelines.

What does digital onboarding mean?
The purpose of digital onboarding is for your new employees to be able to complete the onboarding process anywhere and at the time that suits them best. Many times, dropouts within the first six months are due to a lack of onboarding. Neglecting the introduction can be costly, as there is a risk that you will have to go through the entire recruitment process again if you fail.

The onboarding journey includes attracting, recruiting, developing, retaining, and engaging. Preboarding and onboarding are what tie everything together – from recruitment to retention and engagement. It is an important common thread that must be held together.

Best in Service – Digital Training

Imagine if your leaders & employees could train in their everyday environment, in a simple and effective way without having to be taken out of operation!

We offer tailored training activities that meet exactly your business needs, and you receive continuous updates on the results in real time. With us, competence development of employees and managers becomes a measurable investment instead of a cost.

It's about creating new behaviors that should really be obvious, but for various reasons aren't from the start. The tool becomes a constant reminder to train and be aware of one's behavior when meeting customers and guests.

MICRO LEARNING We offer small training pulses that serve as the starting point for the training and change that is needed. After each microlearning, concrete and timed activities are set for the group or individual.

TRAINING Employees practice their activities daily and continuously record the results. At the same time, continuous coaching efforts are carried out to maintain motivation and ensure results.

MEASUREMENT / RESULTS If we don't measure our training, our motivation decreases over time. As the person responsible for the business, you receive clear follow-up of your employees' training. We not only measure the training frequency, but also other key figures, such as selected KPIs or soft metrics.

CORRECTION Throughout the process there is room for reflection. Are our activities moving us towards the goal? Are we seeing the results we desire? Do we need to adjust our activities? Everything to create a customized training that suits your organization.



Employee satisfaction index is a common key figure in employee surveys.

The satisfied employee index is used as an overall key figure to measure and describe the degree of satisfaction employees feel overall with their work situation.

Happy employees create happy customers! We help you measure and increase engagement among your employees, which in turn will help you create a profitable and successful company.


Satisfied customer index.

The NKI measure captures the overall satisfaction of customers and is supplemented with a number of relevant question areas that the customers can then rate.

Through correlation analyses, the factors and business areas that have the greatest influence on the customer experience and thus satisfaction/loyalty to the company or brand are identified.

HappyOrNot – Real-time measurement CX/EX

Improve your service, customer and employee experience, increase turnover and profitability. If you want help to open new doors, create insights and become more customer-employee-focused, we can help you! It's never been easier to turn feedback into measurable improvement!

Create greater efficiency and a more agile organization by measuring customer-employee satisfaction, NKI-NMI in real time.

  • Create real-time insights and data
  • Get help to focus on what improves your business
  • Get more satisfied customers and employees
  • Become more relevant and attractive as a company and brand
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